Help to prevent Alzheimer's is extra virgin olive oil

The main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet which is often quoted in scientific research today has a new reason to be eaten each day. We are talking about 'extra virgin olive oil as one of its compounds, called oleocantale, can help prevent, treat Alzheimer's

Researchers from the Monell Center and at Northwestern University in Chicago (USA) have found that the compound oleocantale alters the structure of proteins that are considered to contribute to the neurotoxic effects of debilitating 'disease. This major structural change impedes the ability of proteins Addl damage nerve cells in the brain.
In the laboratory it was discovered that the oleocantale is to alter the structure of Addl so that they are not going to link with the synapse (this is a highly specialized structure that allows communication between nerve cells, neurons). Considering that one of the first areas affected dall'Alzheimer is the 'hippocampus (a brain region mainly involved in learning and memory), the scientists of this research, wanted to closely examine how this process occurs and what effect has on the brain . In particular, scientists have investigated, by means of cell culture, protein Addl with and without the addition of 'oleocantale. The discovery was unexpected and surprising, in fact we have seen that takes only a few molecules of this substance virgin olive oil to combat and reduce the link between hippocampal synapses and Addl.

Dr. Paul Breslin, said the outcome. If the antibody treatment of Alzheimer's disease is enriched with oleocanthal, the collective struggle and immunological toxicity of this compound may lead to an effective treatment for an incurable disease. Only clinical trials can give more results. Further tests have since shown that the synapses oleocantale also protects the structural damage caused by the Addl. "

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