The oil and the stomach

According to the studies of Charbonnier, the oil extravergine of olive, for his tall content of oleic sour, seems to be the more oil' born by the stomach.

Both for the tone of the sphincter, that separates the stomach from the esophagus and that it prevents the reflux of the gastric juices, both on the time of gastric emptying, the oil extravergine is better than butter, and than oil of sunflower that has instead of the intermediary effects on the digestive apparatus.

Since the antiquity' the characteristcs are described' curative of this food on some illnesses, thanks to its protective strength. Is proved that the oil extra vergine of olive, in place of animal fats, to patient affections from ulcer, it produces a reduction of lesions equal to the 33% of the cases.

Two spoonfuls of extravergine oil in the morning, produces a satisfactory effect in the treatment of the chronic constipation!
The studious Messinis and Colella have said that a protective role exists, in the use of the extravergine, both for the activation of the bilious flow, both for the increase of the HDLs, and for the balanced relationship in saturated fat acids, monoinsaturi and polinsaturi.These data are confirmed by the smaller incidence of bilious calcolosi found where in the Italian regions and' great the consumption of oil extravergine of olive.

olio Buonavita