Oil better than the aspirin
It contains a molecule that has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects

The prickly taste that is warned in throat tasting a good seasoned dish with oil extravergine of olive, represents a "pinch" of health; this depends on an unknown natural mixture an anti-inflammatory that the blond even more embellishes seasoning till now.
It calls oleocantale and as Gary Beauchamp & Paul Breslin of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia explains, has the same effects of the ibuprofene, a pain-killer not sterodeo (NSAIDs) broadly used in medicine that for a long time term can have anti-crab effects. The discovery of the oleocantale happened by chance during a meeting of molecular gastronomy in Sicily. Here Beauchamp by tasting the seasoned dishes with oil extravergine bridegroom recognized in that prickly taste the same feeling tried in to taste the ibuprofene.

Driven by the idea of similarities in his chemical characteristics, the scientist immediately began the research of that composed by the prickly taste, unknown until now and he baptized it with the name of oleocantale (an aldehyde "ale", that derives from the oil of olive "oleo" and that it is prickly "canth").

To verify that this mixture was really responsible of the prickly taste of the seasoning, the researchers tested the different qualities of oil of olive verifying that, more was the content of oleocantale in each one, stronger the prickly taste of the oil. Finally the researchers have reconstructed in the laboratory the synthetic form of the molecule ascertaining that it had identical characteristics of natural one.

olio Buonavita