Anti-crab Oil
The oil of olive protects from the crab, the worth is of oleic sour

Some researchers of the United States and Spain have discovered the particular benefits possessed by the Mediterranean diet, that with his tall content of rich oil of olive of oleic sour, seems to be able to protect against the tumor of the breast. Through a series of experiments effected in the laboratory on lines of cells of the tumor of the breast, the scientists have shown that the oleic sour reduces notably the levels of the oncogene Her-2 / neu (known also as erb B -2), which is present in over a fifth of the patients affections from tumor to the breast.

The oleic sour, suppresses not only the excessive expression of the gene, but other tests have revealed that it can also improve the effectiveness of the treatment with trastuzumab (Herceptin), the antibody monoclonare that has as I bombard the gene Her -2 / neu and that it allows to prolong the life of many patients you cut from tumor to the breast. The principal author of the study, Javier Menendez of the Northwestern University in Chicago, has.

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