Olive oil and senescence

In a living being, from the first moment of life, the energy needed for the continuous renewal, and 'given supply. Therefore a diet too rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids can 'lead to peroxidation events that expose the cells to un'inceppamento attivita 'biologica.D'altra part, the presence of antioxidants, such as vitamin E, It supposes a defense mechanism. In confirmation of this 'and' it was carried out an experiment on mice that fed with olive oil have a greater life expectancy than those fed with sunflower oil or corn, that 'just for the best report vitaminaE / polyunsaturated existing in olive oil.
In the light of what 'would be strictly inadvisable indiscriminate use of high content of polyunsaturated fatty acid oils. And 'therefore preferable to the consumption of extra virgin olive oil for its balanced content of linoleic acid, linonelico (Polyunsaturated) and for the high content of antioxidants (vitamin E, phenolic substances).
E 'was observed by Pinckney as subjects consuming a diet containing more than 10% of polyunsaturated showing signs Significantly greater invecchiamento.Nel of 60% of the cases had been subjected to the removal of one or more 'suspicious skin lesions malignancy '.
Another elder problem and 'the calcification of extra virgin olive ossa.L'olio seems to demonstrate a favorable effect, that it would even be dose-dependent as to a higher consumption corresponds to greater bone mineralization .. The explanation can 'be in the high amount' of oleate among the structural lipids of ossa.Secondo researchers French extra-virgin olive oil seems necessary during the body growth and also in the age 'adult to limit the loss of calcium.
And 'that occurred during senescence is a reduction of capacity' digestion and poor absorption of substances nutrients, particularly for vitamins and for minerali.Quindi salts, an extra virgin olive oil consumption in this time of life, is to gain a greater share of digestibility 'and assorbilita' food as well as' action mild laxative, and to better appreciate his qualities', it recommended sprattutto raw so to preserve intact its vitamin and antioxidant heritage.

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