Oil and health

The epithet Green Gold" in partnership with extravergine, refers only to its economic quotation or there is some other?
Remember when we were child, when we broke the bottle of oil and our grandmother, prey to hysterical crisis, shouted "Malasorte!"? Then few was known of certain on the health qualities of the oil extravergine and the sorrow was given only by the wasted possession an expensive food (and clearly from a good dose of popular superstition!). Today we know a lot and we can transform in certainties what was only knowledge drawn by the oral tradition for our grandmothers. The oil extravergine is a healthy and genuine food, highly digestible that facilitates the gastric and liver function regulating that intestinal. It reduces the secretion of gastric acid preventing the ulcer duodenale.

One or two spoons to the morning to fast can improve the simple chronic constipation; it contributes to the improvement of the tone and the activity of the cistifellea. It also has a protective and preventive function towards different pathologies. It reduces the risks of heart attack, hypertension and other arteriosclerotic illnesses, since it maintains low the levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol and it protects with his/her fat acids monoinsaturi the levels of cholesterol good (HDL) necessary for the cleaning of the arteries. It positively influences the diabetes improving the profile glucidico in the blood checking the metabolism lipidico and limiting the formation of harmful substances. Important the role towards the pathologies tumorali. The crab can simply be prejudiced modifying our alimentary habits, cosiderando that the 35% of the neoplasies are caused by incorrect feeding.
We analyze therefore the composition of the oil extravergine of olive: 100 gs of oil contain around 99% of fats of which 73% of fat acids monoinsaturi (oleic sour), around 10% of fat acids separated polinsaturi in linoleic sour 9% (same percentage of the maternal milk!),and linoleic sour 0,3%; and around 17% of saturated fat acids. Besides, around 20 mgs of vitamin it is for a total of 900 calories. Is not right the myth according to which the oil of olive is more fat than the other oils. In reality all the oils are constituted by 99% of lipids and they bring 9 Ks / cal to the organism for gram. The oil extravergine of olive is surely more viscous and tasty therefore it can be used with inferior quantity, with benefits in terms of caloric contribution. It's suitable for old and young peolple, since it stimulates the the bones avoiding losses of kick and it favors the absorption of the vitamins A, D, E, K.

For our Chef, professionals or "domestic", it is the responsibility to keep in mind of the new demands salutistiche of the clientele or the family, for this information and ratiocination in the use of the fats and the oil is needed extravergine of olive. Everybody likes a well seasoned dish (even if for "well seasoned" too often intend "submerged of oil!"), but we must keep in mind of the price that we must pay in terms of health, therefore we start to use the proper oil as "precious food" that, as such, it must be used with wisdom and parsimony.

olio Buonavita